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Shane C. Mason


I am a geoinformatics research programmer for the Wildlife Spatial Analysis Lab (WSAL) at the University of Montana in Missoula. At WSAL we apply a variety of technologies toward GIS analysis and modeling. I work primarily on feature extraction from digital imagery, utilizing fuzzy logic and machine learning techniques. I enjoy spending time with my family most of all, and sometimes I watch tv or read, usually with one or more of my daughters crawling all over me!
I am from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. This is important to who I am, as it tells you something about where I am coming from. I now live in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana. That is also important to who I am, as it tells you something about where I am headed.
I work as a research programmer, and that tells you quiet a bit about me. Tami is my wife, and my daughters are Zoe and Sophia. That should tell you much more about me. Meet My Family Here


My primary research interest center around the open source development model, machine learning and human-computer interaction from a linguistic standpoint. I have created a desktop for *nix type systems, called perlbox. It features voice response, configuration options and a light footprint. Check it out at more information about me, please view my Curriculum Vitae

Daily Rants
I have an opinion, and I like to make sure everyone knows what it is.

Me in the News

Story from KECI, Missoula NBC Channel 13 on WSAL
Abiword Weekly World News #122, Mention on patch.
French Linux Magazine article about Perlbox Desktop


perlbox, Desktop for UNIX by Shane Mason
YAPC::NA Proceedings 2002
St Lois Missouri

Feature Extraction from Digital Imagery, A Hierachical Method> by Shane Mason, David Opitz and Mark Mangrich
Visual Imagery and Image Processing, 2001
IASTED Conference 2001 Artificial Intelligence and Applications
Marbella Spain

Feature Extraction from 1:24K Scale Digital Raster Graphics(DRG's) Using Fuzzy Logic
Shane Mason, Chris Winne and Roland Redmond.
Wildlife Spatial Analysis Lab, August 2003

Improving the Performance of a Statistical Analysis Package through Parallel Processing
Shane Mason, Michael Morgan, Chris Winne, Don Morton and Roland Redmond.
Wildlife Spatial Analysis Lab, October 2003

Places I Have Been:

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Shane C. Mason
Email: me at perlbox dot org Logo