Perlbox Voice

Perlbox Voice is an voice enabled application to bring your desktop under your command. With a single word, you can start your web browser, your favorite editor or whatever you want. Perlbox Voice now has desktop plugins, which will allow you to control desktop functions. You can switch virtual desktops, invoke the desktop menu, switch wallpaper or lock the screen. This is command, and it's right on the tip of your tongue! Start with the tutorial, which has a lot of screenshots.

Click here to download the latest Perlbox Voice



Plugin Docs

Help (FAQ)

API Documents

Plea to those in the know

If you are familiar with Gnome, Afterstep, FVWM or any other desktop and want to write (or help write) that plugin, please let me know. Do any of those offer facilities like KDE's dcop server? I know that Gnome uses Corba, but that is where my knowledge on Gnome IPC ends. I would like to see plugins for all of the useful desktops. Contact if you can help.

Download and Installation

What you need first:

1.)Perl-Tk, the graphical toolkit for perl. This should come with your distribution, if not visit CPAN The rpm will install without Tk, but will not run until you have installed perk-Tk.

2.)Sphinx2, the speech to text engine for Perlbox Voice. The rpm should be fine for Madrake/SuSe/Fedora/Redhat type systems.
Get the Sphinx2 RPM
Get the Sphinx2 sources
Debian users issue: apt-get install festival

3.)Festival, the text to speech engine for Perlbox Voice. This is kind of optional, but you should try it.
Get the Festival RPM
Get the Fesival sources
Debian users issue: apt-get install sphinx2-bin

Now you want to download the newest perlbox-voice. Click here to download the latest Perlbox Voice

To install the RPM:
As root, type "rpm -ivh perlbox-voice-0.*.rpm" in a terminal. Start by running "perlbox-voice".

To install from the sources:
Unpack with 'tar -xzvf perlbox-voice-0.*.tar.gz'
'cd perlbox-voice'
Then follow the instructions.

We hope that you have found this document useful. Please, feel free to contact us with any questions at . January 2004, Shane C. Mason.