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Who we are

We are volunteers. Several are students, most with full time jobs.

What we are about

Advocating for Open Source accessibility software for Linux and Unix.

Linux Accessibility?

Programs that make computer interfaces more accessible for all people. Often accessibility is described in terms of special needs, but here refers to a more general definition. Currently, GNU/Linux and Unix lack proper accessiblity support in several area's. Our efforts are aimed more towards voice controled automation.

Open Source/Free Software

All Perlbox products are released under the GPL, which says that all persons have a right to view, modify and redistribute our software, so long as they do not remove the GPL license. This is copyleft protection and garantees that any programs released under the GPL will remain open forever.
For us, this is the right way to develop software: as a community and for the good of the community. We want our work to be accessible to all.


Shane C. Mason
Email: me at perlbox dot org Logo