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KPerlbox Development Timeline

Feb 19, 2004 (Day 1): Interface. Created main application interface, added the icon view and the widget stack. Put hooks into the iconview and added the splash page to the widget stack. Started on the control group.
Feb 20, 2004 (Day 2): Added all widgets to the control group, created slots and hooked them to widget signals. This App should go quickly, the Perlbox Voice Application Framework takes care of the hard stuff. Communicating with it from C++, using an embedded Perl interpreter will be the challenge.
Feb 21, 2004 (Day 3): The speaker will say any text in the text widget, Clear Text works as well as Start Listener and Stop Listener. I added the indicator light, and it works, but there is something strange in the EmbedPerl that makes me not like it. I almost feel as though controling the voice server through sockets might be the way to go. That will require some work, but it might be better in the long run. Logo